Recap 1/2

The hunt to stop the slavers continued through time and space. With the aid of Calderous and his mysterious sponsor the party teleported from the outskirts of Verigrad into the wilderness unknown. Due to an arcane miscalculation they appeared in the air over a steep hillside. Everyone tumbled down the hillside and caught themselves except for one man. Calderous fell over the edge of the cliff at the bottom of the hillside plunging two hundred feet down to the base of a huge waterfall.

After a brief delay to search for the missing Fighter the party quickly hurried west to the mouth of the canyon taking the safest way down the mountainside. There they caught sight of the first signs of an unnatural storm forming as sparkling motes of embers fell like snow. They hurried to the water’s edge at the back of the canyon where water crashed down into a huge pool and disappeared. Roqfurt found signs of Calderous and discovered several of his possessions then found his unconscious body.

Before they could do more a Young Black Dragon awakened by the thud of Calderous’ fall on the roof of its underwater den attacked the unaware adventurers. On silent wings it came out from the curtain of the waterfall and strafed the party with its acid breath. The acid soaked Jaak almost killing the Assassin outright as his clothing and items sloughed off him with his flesh. The Dragon was blasted by the radiance of Zaria’s Druidic magic and Malachai’s fireball. Aurora and Roqfurt attacked with blade and arrows when the Dragon pounced on Malachai with its claws and acid soaked maw. Roqfurt, Malachai, and Axiom saved Jaak. Axiom and Roqfurt healed Calderous but the Dragon took the opportunity to attack the weakest man, Calderous. In a savage attack the dragon rent the human asunder, alas Axiom’s healing spells had not yet been replenished from the warehouse fight.

After several vengeful attacks Roqfurt dealt the killing blow sending an arrow into each of the dragon’s eyes killing it instantly. With the storm worsening the party collected Calderous’ possessions and some resources from the Dragon. After a brief search they found the cavern river behind the waterfall and the dragon’s lair under the waterfall pool. In the lair the party found a treasure trove of items, gold, art, and relics of times bygone.

After a nights rest and they traveled all day long deep down a tunnel. Aurora jumped in the river and was swept along rapidly but swam with experience caught herself on the edge when she heard a loud roar of falling water. The others ran to catch up after a long slog and some exhaustion they made met up with Aurora and continued on to examine the source of the sound.

A huge waterfall disappearing into a bottomless chasm met them. And a huge tower of rock only visible by the glowing light of greens, blues, and violets lit a huge rock tower the size of mountain. A city of evil suspended over the abyss. A sight Zaria recognized well as home.
(Recap 1/2)



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