The Story so far. . .

At the tavern aptly named the Last Stop, Caldarous and Jaak met with the five best adventurers they could find in the area to propose a mission. Somewhere in the city some group was kidnapping the poor and defenseless off the street and smuggling them out of the city some how. A secret patron put forth a large pile of platinum for the party to hunt down and stop these actions.

Caldarous who had some information about their location showed the way to the warehouse he suspected. The Drow Zaria transformed into a spider and crawled into the building confirming the presence of the slaves as well as a host of guards. Roqfurt, Aurora, and Caldarous ran across the roof tops to try and gain top side access to the warehouse but after a few mishaps they alerted a sentry. Roqfurt as an expert marksman took down the watcher with a single arrow from his short bow. But both he and Aurora fell off the rope climbing the final leg to the roof of the warehouse.

They joined Jaak, Zaria, Malachai and Axiom getting ready to breach the back door. Jaak disarmed a deadly trap and together with Aurora they burst into the building. With the twilight sun setting at their back the Slavers immediately noticed them and charged in a line to defend their booty. A hundred slaves shackled and collared with heavy chains were in the warehouse.

A bloody battle ensued. An Enforcer hired by the slavers held the party’s attention for just long enough for a Slaver Mage to finish his teleportation circle and start sending slaves through. Since they were chained together each row of 20 slaves teleported as one. A Slaver Captain fought with the Enforcer but had his arm blown off by a lightning bolt from Malachai while the Enforcer was finally felled thanks to the team work of Axiom, Jaak, and Aurora but Aurora dealt the finishing blow cleaving the man’s head off. Roqfurt stopped the Slaver Captain from fleeing with his arrows and Malachai trapped him with magical webs. The remaining slavers died as Calderous repelled in and dropped three Slavers with the quick work of his longswords. Axiom, Zaria and Caldarous tried to run to make it to the Slaver Mage in time to stop any more slaves from escape but once 80 slaves were taken the Mage saw the fighter and cleric coming at him and decided to save his own skin and jumped in the teleportation circle sealing it after himself. Zaria mauled a slaver in her form as a Lioness and the other slavers panicked at the sight fleeing toward the other door but were killed by their own trap they forgot about by a large load of falling timbers crushing them flat.

20 slaves were saved. Though 3 died due to Aurora’s blazing rage. The rest were each given 2 platinum pieces as hush money and freed.

Malachai examined the inscribed runes on the ground was able to find out enough to tell where the slaves were teleported. But the runes were in Draconic which he could not read so Calderous took the information to his patron.

After the prisoners were interrogated the group learned that about 1500 slaves had been moved this way over the course of a month by this group to the location. For what purpose that remains a mystery its hard to imagine what slave labor 1500 slaves could be needed for but the Slavers had been busy. After a brief argument about whether to kill the prisoners just after Axiom revived the Enforcer the prisoners were summarily executed after some minor difficulty and Aurora collected their skulls. Which she was keeping stuffed under her blouse, rotting.

After a quick looting the building was set on fire by an unknown party and the group left to meet up with Calderous. He took them out to meet a wizened old crone who had sketched the marks into the ground and powered them up. Whether by accident or malicious mischief the circle was scuffed slightly and the party was taken to the wrong location. Calderous the first one through was not seen when the rest teleported through they appeared in midair above a steep hillside that tumbled off onto a cliff. As they fell and rolled Roqfurt and his ring of feather falling fell lightly to the ground and stopped the rest of the party rolled party of the way down the hill with everyone catching themselves except for Malachai who kept rolling until he was able to web himself to the ground with magic as he was falling just before rolling off the cliff.

A brief examination of the area revealed the cliff overlooked a large box canyon they could get down to by walking around on the west side for a few hours. A water fall poured down from the east forming a pool at the bottom of the box canyon. Roqfurt spotted tracks that looked like Calderous had rolled down the hill and fell off the cliff they he spotted the fighter’s iconic black trench coat floating in the water but no sign of the man himself.

To be continued…



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