F Eladrin, Former Prisoner of the Drow Freed by Roqfurt and Kane


Average height for an elf and lithe of build Serranas has long platinum blond hair down her back with long pointy ears that occasionally quiver in response to her environment. She has dark blue eyes that seem to sparkle with their own blue glow. Her skin is palely beautiful and she has a soft face like many elves she seems inhumanely graceful.

She was found wearing a gold and midnight blue almost purple raiment made of stylized gold plates and a formfitting undersuit. The outfit seems more appropriate for court but seems to function for field craft.


Roqfurt found the Eladrin woman encased in quintessence a timeless substance effective for preserving or immobilizing objects from the ravages of time and had helping rescuing her with Kane’s Dispel Magic invocation. They lead the woman out of the castle by showing her the window then she made the leap sixty feet to the ground brazenly and nailing the landing without injury.

She traveled with the group of survivors from the airship crash out of the Underdark but slipped away from the party in the night after the events of the of the Orc attack two nights later on the surface.

Roqfurt seemed to recognize from her childhood but she seemed uneasy around the artifact in Malachai’s possession.


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