Valeron is 75% terrestrial and 25% oceanic. The world is split into two large land masses the East and West by the World River, that runs from pole to pole around the world. Seas and lakes dot the rest of the world separated by vast plains, arid deserts, deep forests, and dense jungles. Mountains ranges are small and less frequent. Frequent elemental storms rip apart the terrain and constantly change and shape the world in small ways. Settlements outside of large cities can be commonly wiped off the map by epic storms characterized by one of the four major elements.

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The Western Continent:
Dominated by thousands of miles of arboreal forest and jungle, the eastern seaboard is a swampy bayou that dries out as one heads toward the center of the continent and the Spineback Mountains in the middles of the Black Forest. The Spinebacks are knife edge mountains raising peaks tens of thousands of feet in the air the area around them in the woods and to the north near Kron are drier highlands and temperate woods. The far north and far south are largely given over to snow crusted tundra. The West has four distinct seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Spring and Autumn stretch long with a mild Summer and a cold Winter. Snow is common across all of the continent except on the eastern coast that keeps heat and humidity most of the year.

The Eastern Continent:
The East is a diverse landscape with badlands and deserts dominating the northern part of the continent. The middle band of the continent is a fertile grassland, rollin hills and vast open plains while most of the south east of Blu’wat remains unexplored and wild. Te’lal Minus the ancient seat of Elven learning and power is a remote city standing on the edge of the great frontier in the east. In the east its uncommon to walk a day and be in the jungle and a day later be scrambling over low mountains and high hills. Like the West the East is plagued by the same fearsome Chaos storms. Living outside citadel protection is more common as people learn to survive with the chaos more and more. Its not uncommon for a village to exist a few generations before a storm scours it off the face of the earth.

Easterners always say Westerners are too excitable while Westerners say Easterners are so fatalistic they don’t run from their own deaths.


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