Storms of Valeron

“While normal weather can range from pleasant to extreme the far more perilous conditions are usually incited by what some Arcane Scholars call the onset of Sudden Chaos Phenomenon. These conditions are magically driven by forces alien to the forces of nature. The most visible difference might be rain that doesn’t follow the wind. Sudden earthquakes in an area known to be geologically stable. Other more extreme phenomenon observed might be an Ice Storm in the middle of a desert, or a rain of fire in the middle of winter. Larger more chaotic storms can involve more than one element. The second common trait to the storms is a link to the Primordial Plane usually an Elemental that tethers the Primordial Energies around it in the Material Plane. Banishment or destruction of the Elemental will usually banish the Primordial Storm around it. If one can survive the storm long enough to vanquish the Elemental. There are many theories around how to ultimately stop the Storms but all of them have only ever proven to be theories. The most gifted arcane scholars believe that some sort of artifact or divine relic of the Age of Empires from the Age before this one pierced the veil between the cosmos and is what draws the Primordial Storms into the Material Plane from the Plane of Elemental Chaos.”
-Lectures on Cosmological Theory
by Tomin Astor, High Lord of Verigrad, Leader of the Mage Council, High Seat of House Aster, Archmage of the Astor Arcane Academy

“It’s hard to study the history of the world locked in an ivory tower, not many people poke around in ruins or caves when their constantly watching the sky for fire.”
-Quote on Current Affairs and Archaeology
Rayru Mofa, Lord of Hose Mofa, Archmage of the Second Circle

“Most people have never seen what the outside looks like, the smell of fresh air, the thrill of the wilderness, or the horror of a storm of malicious energy but if you can stomach the craziness you’ll see things you never thought possible out there in the places between civilization. Not as much of the old world was erased as people thought.”
-Saying attributed to Makarov Davidoff, founder of the Caravan Cartel, the Wealthiest Man in Verigrad, and the founder of modern trade.

“Every mage must due their part for the greater good of Verigrad.”
- Lady Altima Astor, writing a citation of non-compliance to a local Sorcerer.
Inquisitor of the First Circle, Grandniece to Tomin Astor, Lady of House Astor

Storms of Valeron

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