Due to the nature of the world the largest form of government is a city state. Each city is usually ruled by the majority race but all cities have diverse populaces with humans, elves, and dwarves being the most common. Each city is ruled by a mage council that has two chief duties, ensuring the arcane powers that defend the cities from elemental storms remain functional, these people form a group of elite families afforded a wide variety of privileges, family blood lines are often tracked to find strong bloodlines with a high spellcasting potential. The second function of the magic council is to use portals and special teleportation circles to send gathering parties out to find safe sources of food, basic building materials, and all other common goods, the mages who venture out into the world and different planes are usually the more expendable in nature. The rest of a city’s non-magical population works to aid and serve the Mage Council. Government is a complex form of magic based aristocracy and meritocracy. The families of strong mage bloodlines usually live like nobles. (This varies from race to race but theme remains the same).

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Verigrad Politics:
-High Lord – The Head of the most powerful Mage House, usually a ceremonial position but has the right to veto any First Council law approved unless it is approved by all the First Circle Members.

-First Circle – The heads of every major Mage House form the Council that make decisions that govern the entire city or negotiate rights between Houses. Every First Circle member has a veto over any Second Circle law. Veto can be overridden by the Second Circle if they are approved with a 4/5s majority.

-Second Circle – A larger collection of Sanctioned Mages that are elected from the minor Houses they vote and approve regulations and laws that support the goals proposed by the First Circle.

-Third Circle – A collection of heads of various enforcement and administrative officials, they work to enforce the policies and rules of the other two Circles.

-Sanctioned Mages – A mage who passed primary training from one of the city’s schools, pays his magic tax, and paid a licensing fee. Have the rights to petition to enter any House, and can wave the magic tax.

-Mages – All spellcasters who haven’t undergone formal training and licensing are subject to the city’s magic tax.


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