Valeron – A brief record of History

0 AA (After Apocalypse) – Two warring superpowers unleashed powerful spells that unleashed the Forces of Chaos and Limbo unleashing storms of pure elemental rage that changed the land forever.

0-1500 AA – The Dark Times – A period of strife as the world was destroyed, the land and seas changed, those that could flee to other worlds and planes did, technology and all the knowledge of the times before the Apocalypse were lost as civilization crumbled into primal savagery.

1594 AA – The Archmage Idaos Idaa discovered the complex rituals to create ward citadels. The mage and small a cabal of followers spread around the world built the citadels working with each pocket of civilization they could find.

1600 AA – Idaos and cabal successful completed 35 citadels he turns one over to each of his followers and teaches them how to sustain themselves then swears he will find a way to fix the ruin wrought here by studying the cosmos. He disappears into Limbo never to be heard from again.

3200 AA – Two cities are lost to disaster leaving only 33 known remaining but rumors say that someone discovered a way to replicated the Idaos Citadel array and more towns pop up. It is still ridiculously unsafe to live outside one of these citadels.

4000 AA – Archmage Rhea Gerst – Develops a new principle of Abjuration magic allows the citadels to protect an area roughly 10-25 miles in diameter depending on the arcane power poured into it. Modern cities flourish.

4995 AA – Sever decline in frequency and severity of storms allows for the idea of rudimentary trade to begin to take root. The first trading caravans between cities start. Its still an incredibly dangerous job and many die but profits are high.

5000 AA – Modern Day

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