Life in Verigrad is tiered at the top are the most powerful spellcasters of the land and their Houses that control the city and labor to preserve life against the constant threat of total annihilation they live their like noble scientists ensconced in their towers and palaces scheming to see who can gain the upper hand in the ruling council. In the middle are two subclasses, the rich merchant caste created from the rediscovery of new trade routes to the cities all over the continent and the un-Sanctioned spellcasters those that must contribute part of their skill or birth given power into the pools of power that maintain the wards that protect the city. The common folk live a mixed life a hard working man who learns a trade can become prosperous and even one day build a little shop if he can make the room, an unskilled man has to farm the fields that supply the cities bread basket making little more than a serf.

Yet for opportunities abound for those who find coin, people trapped in a city most of their lives pay well for entertainment from theater to bloodsport there is always so there is always a way to escape from behind a plow.

The Eight Wards

The Gasworks
Davidoff Ward
Capulan Ward
Aster Ward
Towers Ward
Trillam Ward
Mofa Ward
Storm Ghetto


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